Beck’s Benchmarks for Evaluating 2020 Progressive Candidates

  1. Single-payer Medicare for all with no deductibles or co-pays.
  2. Removing the cap on income for the Social Security tax and increasing the tax rate to help cover health care.
  3. Women’s rights: the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and health care covering ending a pregnancy.
  4. Election reforms: universal registration age 16 and over, commercial-free debates, regulating money, election day a holiday, ranked voting, and National Popular Vote for President.
  5. Expanding the social safety net to make sure that every person in the United States has access to adequate food, housing, education, and health care.
  6. $20 per hour minimum wage.
  7. Progressive personal income tax that includes capital gains and with a 70% maximum bracket.
  8. Increasing the corporate income tax to 50% and removing loopholes that allow large corporations to pay little.
  9. An annual tax on assets until the US debt is paid off with 1% on more than $1 million, 2% over $10 million, 3% over $100 million, 4% over $1 billion, and 5 % over 10 billion.
  10. 1% sales tax on stock and bond transactions equally divided by the federal and state governments to help finance free public education from pre-K through college.
  11. An estate tax with a $1 million exemption in addition to the progressive rates proposed by Sanders above $3.5 million.
  12. Reducing US military spending 25% per year.
  13. Stopping all US arms sales and transferring this money to humanitarian aid for suffering nations.
  14. Removing all US military bases from foreign countries.
  15. Negotiating the disarmament of all nuclear weapons in the world fulfilling the 1970 Non-Proliferation Treaty and the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
  16. Stopping covert operations and negotiating an end to all military conflicts.
  17. United States acceptance of the International Criminal Court (ICC).
  18. Greatly increasing support for United Nations peacekeeping.
  19. Negotiating reduction of military forces worldwide.
  20. Funding clean energy and efficiency and the Green New Deal.
  21. $20 per ton tax on carbon emissions.
  22. Taxing livestock to pay for emissions and water costs.
  23. Taxing unsustainable industrial agriculture.
  24. Subsidizing organic agriculture, carbon sequestration, and land restoration and soil rehydration. 
  25. Criminal justice reform to implement restorative justice that compensates victims of crime and emphasizes rehabilitation rather than punishment.
  26. Banning all automatic and semi-automatic weapons, registering and licensing guns, and limiting ammunition.
  27. Protecting free expression of ideas; increasing funding for public broadcasting; establishing a free search service online for all websites that do not have paid advertisements; and taxing commercials that appear on public airwaves.
  28. Increasing humanitarian aid to poor countries to help them become self-supporting and sustainable.
  29. Welcoming refugees and allowing the undocumented to become citizens.

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