Principles of Love and Respect for All

1. All people are free and have equal human rights.

2. No person has the right to kill another person.

3. All people have the right to establish democratic governments that are local, provincial, state, national, or international.

4. Democratic governments have the right to establish laws that are just to all based on equal human rights.

5. Governments have the right to bring nonviolently to justice suspected violators of just laws and to find ways to compensate victims of crimes and to rehabilitate and educate convicted criminals.

6. No government has the right to assume jurisdiction outside its territory.

7. No government, person or group of persons has the right to kill or do bodily harm to a human.

8. The people of the world have the right to form democratically an international government with laws that assure peace in the world with equal justice for all.

9. No state or nation has the right to kill humans nor to organize and employ armed forces intended for use inside or outside their borders nor to develop or deploy weapons of war.

10. All humans have the right to equal access to education, health care, democratic elections, and nonviolent justice.