Sanderson Beck is a registered candidate with the Federal Election Commission (FEP) for the Democratic nomination for President.

Sanderson Beck is endorsing Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for the Democratic nomination for President of the US.

Welcome to the campaign to transform American politics
by the love and wisdom that works to benefit all.
After four years of the Trump-Pence Administration
the government of the United States needs ethical reconstruction
by an intelligent person of integrity who has not been corrupted
by the harmful influence of money in American politics.
Sanderson Beck is a philosopher who has dedicated his life
to working for the good of humanity by learning
and teaching ethics which guides people to do
what is honest, just, and good for everyone.
He has studied the history of civilization and written
many books about ethics, politics, culture, and world peace.
He is a peace activist and has protested nonviolently to make people
aware of immoral and illegal American foreign policy
that has killed many and made Americans hated and feared.
He is conscientious and has written about the problems of sexism,
racism, imperialism, militarism, materialism, dogmatism, and egotism.

His four top priorities are:
• Renouncing war and making peace to improve security;
• Replacing fossil fuels with clean energy to stabilize the climate;
• Reducing inequality by developing a more democratic economy;
• Providing health care, education, and basic needs for all.

All of his writing can be read on his website san.beck.org.
He listens to people’s concerns and likes to communicate,
and he is available for interviews and to speak to groups. To see videos of Sanderson Beck on his campaign and on world peace, please go to http://san.beck.org/Videos.html

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