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I will work for peace, human rights, and international law
I will reform corrupt government
I will provide equal opportunity for all
I will improve government services

I will work for peace, human rights, and international law by:

* supporting democratic self-determination for all nations
* following the principles of the Earth Charter
* adhering to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
* supporting international law and the United Nations
* joining the International Criminal Court
* ratifying the treaty that bans landmines
* abolishing all weapons of mass destruction
* ratifying the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
* supporting thorough weapons inspection in all countries
* ending military “aid” and arms sales
* making peace and ending wars in the Mideast
* closing US military bases in other countries
* converting bases to universities and hospitals
* making large reductions in military spending
* reforming the Homeland Security Department
* reforming the Defense Department & the CIA
* increasing economic aid to poor countries
* expanding the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps
* advocating free trade that is fair and responsible
* forgiving all interest on third-world debt

I will reform corrupt government by:

* repealing and correcting errors of the Trump-Pence administration
* increasing taxes on corporations
* making income tax more progressive
* increasing deductions for dependents
* paying off the national debt by taxing excess assets
* implementing green taxes to reduce environmental damage
* putting a substantial tax on carbon emissions
* ending tax loopholes and subsidies for fossil fuels
* promoting organic farming to reduce pollution
* removing the income cap on Social Security tax
* increasing tax on tobacco, alcohol, and drugs
* providing public funding for political campaigns
* allowing voters to register on election day
* making election day a public holiday
* using instant run-off ranked voting
* providing time on TV for candidates’ debates
* enfranchising Washington DC voters
* making the US Senate more representative
* replacing the electoral college with the total vote
* phasing out nuclear power
* making corporations accountable
* registering guns and banning assault weapons
* replacing subsidies for meat with a tax
* making income and inheritance taxes more progressive
* protecting safety and the environment
* removing the influence of money in elections and politics

I will provide equal opportunity for all by:

* providing health care for all paid by the government
* including prescription drugs
* publicly funding medical research
* increasing the minimum wage to $20 an hour
* decreasing the work week to 35 hours
* increasing funding for public education
* providing tuition-free public universities and colleges
* offering interest-free loans for college students
* awarding merit scholarships to encourage excellence
* backing affirmative action to overcome discrimination
* passing the Dream Act with equal rights for immigrants
* implementing restorative justice instead of harsh sentences
* enacting better rehabilitation and classes for prisoners
* making the Internet more available to all
* providing public assistance for the destitute
* protecting the rights of labor unions
* supporting equal rights regardless of sexual orientation
* protecting the rights of native Americans
* ratifying the equal rights amendment
* ending gerrymandering of election districts
* protecting whistle-blowers and valid critics
* protecting a woman’s right to choose abortion

I will improve government services by:

* passing consumer protection laws
* opening public access to government information
* increasing funding of public broadcasting
* subsidizing low-cost housing
* subsidizing renewable energy technology
* subsidizing recycling
* taxing pollution that causes global warming
* improving public transportation
* improving national parks and protecting wildlife
* replacing the war on drugs with treatment
* legalizing, regulating, and taxing drugs
* encouraging organic farming
* labeling genetically modified foods
* promoting cultural diversity and exchanges
* encouraging the arts and humanities
* promoting beneficial non-profit organizations
* encouraging social and political responsibility
* allowing freedom by limiting government
* communicating openly and honestly

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